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Launch Event of Digital Rehabilitation in Prisons

Launch Event of Digital Rehabilitation in Prisons

Tokyo, Japan -


On March 14, 2024, UNICRI presented its latest study, Digital Rehabilitation in Prisons, during a launch event held at the Ministry of Justice in Tokyo. This report examines the potential benefits and risks of introducing new technologies in prisons to facilitate prisoner rehabilitation. It aims to assist policymakers, practitioners, and those responsible for the design and delivery of rehabilitative programmes in understanding how to leverage technologies effectively and ethically to support prisoner rehabilitation. The study was generously supported by the United Nations Asia and Far East Institute for the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders (UNAFEI) and the Government of Japan.

The audience consisted mainly of officials from the Ministry of Justice, such as public prosecutors, prison officers, and probation officers. There were also external experts from academia and a private company. Additionally, 15 participants from the UNAFEI/JICA international training course on family violence were present, along with guests from Namibia and Thailand invited by UNICRI.

Following the successful launch, UNICRI announced the start of a new phase in 2024 aimed at developing digital rehabilitation strategies in Namibia and Thailand. This project aims to support these pilot countries with the necessary tools and knowledge to implement effective digital rehabilitation methods, focusing on ethical considerations and the development of comprehensive frameworks tailored to their unique contexts. UNICRI will work closely with the Namibia Correctional Services and the Thailand Institute of Justice (TIJ). These partnerships are crucial to ensure that the program is implemented based on local needs and realities and to develop practical and impactful methods of digital rehabilitation.

By fostering knowledge exchange and sharing best practices, UNICRI aims to model digital rehabilitation strategies that could be adopted globally. In parallel with this project, UNICRI will continue to raise awareness about the significance of digital rehabilitation strategies on a global scale. Efforts are underway to engage with the international community, leveraging platforms both within and beyond the United Nations (UN) to highlight the potential of digital technologies in supporting prisoner rehabilitation and reintegration.

This initiative reflects UNICRI’s commitment to fostering innovative approaches to criminal justice reform and rehabilitation, addressing the pressing need for comprehensive, UN-led programmes that can be implemented worldwide. Through these efforts, UNICRI seeks to establish a solid foundation for the widespread adoption of digital rehabilitation strategies, ultimately contributing to more effective rehabilitation outcomes and the successful reintegration of prisoners into society.

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