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Uniting Against Corruption

Uniting Against Corruption

One of the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institutes’s strategic priorities is countering criminal enterprises, illicit financial flows, and corrupt practices.

Antonia De Meo, the Director of UNICRI, explains the impact of corruption and how the Institute helps Member States to combat it.

Endemic criminal activities undermine public trust in the rule of law, weaken institutional resilience, and corrupt justice systems.

Criminal financial enterprises and illicit financial flows divert vital funds from social, health, and other development needs.  This has particularly adverse consequences for the most vulnerable in society.

UNICRI supports Member States to combat criminal enterprises, illicit financial flows, and corrupt practices.  We work with governments and relevant institutions to target incentives for criminal financial enterprises, illicit financial flows, counterfeit trade, and corrupt practices.

UNICRI supports Member States to investigate and prosecute economic crimes.

UNICRI’s highly specialized experts advise Member States on policies and mechanisms to tackle the financial and economic impacts of organised crime and corruption and channel recovered assets into high-priority development needs to benefit society.