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Innovative ideas to address counterfeiting and criminal infiltration in the supply chain Deadline: 29 February 2020

Geneva (Palais des Nations), 28 November 2019. Preventing and combatting counterfeiting and criminal infiltration into the legal economy is very complex. Organized crime groups are showing alarming capabilities to infiltrate different sectors of the economy, including the health care sector and other public services, the construction, the transportation and logistics, the mining supply chain, the financial activities and the business of restaurants, hotels and bars. Some groups can also be very ingenious in developing strategies to conceal and launder their money and exploit all vulnerabilities of the legal economy.

UNICRI and the European Space Agency (ESA) are looking for innovative ideas and new solutions that can concretely contribute to mitigating emerging and future risks posed by counterfeiting and criminal infiltration in the supply chain.

UNICRI is interested is ideas and solutions that can address, in particular, risk scenarios in the following areas:

  • Food Fraud
  • Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing
  • Counterfeit and Substandard Pesticides
  • Fuel Fraud

Illegal Mining and Trafficking of Precious Metals

The call is launched by UNICRI within the framework of UNICRI’s SIRIO initiative in Geneva. The call is for security experts and representatives from industry, academia, civil society organizations and international organizations. The results will be used to compile a Report on Emerging and Future Risks that will scan the horizon of technology solutions and services to anticipate and mitigate risks posed by counterfeiting and criminal infiltration in the supply chain.

The European Space Agency is interested in supporting the development of innovative services that use space-based data and relate to the challenges above. Ideas that use space data and satellite technologies will be evaluated by the European Space Agency and could be eligible for funding through the Business Applications and Space Solutions (BASS) programme:

Spaced data and technologies include:

  • Earth Observation
  • Satellite Navigation
  • Satellite Communication

The following links provide useful information on the use of Earth Observation Data:

Guide for newcomers:

Please note that the European Space Agency can only support ideas that originate from companies residing in the ESA BASS participating member states. A list of these can be found here:

The call is open until 29 February 2020. If you are willing to join, please contact us: Mr. Francesco Marelli, Email or Mr. Marco Musumeci, Email:

We will send you all relevant information to contribute to the initiative.