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Investigating Crimes against the Environment

Elephant David Clode



UNICRI’s Investigating Crimes against the Environment course aims to provide media and public relations professionals, as well as those planning a career in public information and journalism, with an in-depth understanding of current environmental threats to the natural environment, sustainable development and human rights.

Climate change, together with wildlife crime, illegal exploitation of natural resources and illicit trafficking and dumping of hazardous material, is putting at danger the economic, environmental and cultural lives of communities worldwide. Clear, objective and reliable journalism and information sharing are crucial to guarantee a public understanding regarding the potential global catastrophic impacts of ecological crimes and climate change on the environment and humankind.

Over the two-day course participants will deepen their knowledge of transnational organized environmental crime, corruption, natural and human factors of climate change and the role of green governance to pursue sustainable development. Journalists and communication professionals will acquire key tools to communicate environmental threats, report compelling news stories, disseminate clear information out of complex scientific issues, detect inaccurate reporting, and verify reliable sources.

Participants will also be engaged in a series of brainstorming sessions and practical exercises with eminent scientists, high-level officers and experienced journalists, expanding their professional network in a select, international setting.


Picture by David Clode/Unsplash